Pet Policy


Effective February 3rd, 2020
Owners are legally responsible for their pets and injury or loss caused by their pets.
Limit to 1 pet per unit. Dogs weighing over 20 pounds are no longer accepted. Dogs over these weight currently in the park may remain. Service animals are exempt with documentation.
Proof of vaccinations, including rabies and Bordetella, must be on file in the office. This is applicable to cats as well as dogs.
Pets must be leashed at all times when outdoors. Pets must be attended at all times when outdoors. Leashes may not exceed 4-6 feet in length. Expandable leashes may be used, provided they are not extended beyond the 4-6 foot limit. Use of leashes is not required in fenced pet play area. (These requirements are for the safety of your pet)
Please do not leave pet food outdoors.
Pets are not allowed in clubhouse, rest rooms or laundry room. Service animals are exempt.
Please use the designated areas for pet “relief”. Do not allow pets to relieve themselves, or wander onto other lots, occupied or unoccupied. Pet droppings must be picked up by the pet owner immediately and disposed of properly.
Uncontrolled and excessive barking, at any time, inside or outside, is prohibited. If your pet suffers from separation anxiety, please enlist someone to watch your pet while you are away.
Pet blankets, pillows, or similar items may not be laundered in the laundry rooms.
Do not allow your dog to dig holes anywhere within the park.
Respect other visitors, both human and canine, by keeping your dog from jumping on or interfering with other people or their pets.

Pets are not allowed in the clubhouse, laundry room, rest/shower rooms, with the exception of service animals WITH documentation